Nick Carter

Howie Dorough

A.J. McLean

Kevin Richardson

Brian Littrell

Full Name

Nicholas Gene Carter 1

Howard Dwain Dorough 2

Alexander James McLean 2

Kevin Scott Richardson 1

Brian Thomas Littrel 2


Nicky, Frack, Mr. Hyper Man and his

parents used to call him Charlie Brown because he had a big head when he was younger.1 Nick got the nicknames „Messy Marvin“ and „Chaos“ because „He spills stuff all the time,“ says Kevin. 1

Howie D, Sweet D, Latin Lover 2

Howies family calls him Howard 1


AJ, Bone, Mr. Cool 2

Kev, Kevy-Kev, Mr.Bodybeautiful,and Train

(Because he was a line-backer on his high school football team and he ran over guys like a train.) 8

Secret nicknames are Boo and Punmkin 15

B-Rok, Seaver, B, Mr. Joker 2

B-Rok [He got the name because of the way he rocks on the b-ball court] *yea sure it‘s the bball court that he rocks at, wink wink* 4

Birth Date

January 28, 1980 2

August 22, 1972 2

January 9, 1978 2

October 3, 1972 1

February 20, 1975 2

Time of Birth





1:37 am 8

Birth Place

Jamestown, New York 2

Orlando, Florida 2

West Palm Beack, Florida 2

Lexington, Kentucky 1

Lexington, Kentucky 2

Zodiac Sign

2557.png 2

2552.png 2

2546.png 2

2539.png 1

2530.png 2

blood type





B+ 15


Mom is Jane, his dad is named Bob. 3

Paula and Hoke Dorough 2

Denise and Bob McLean 2

His parent are divorced. 7

His mother‘s name is Ann. His father (deceased) is named Gerald. 3

His mother is named Jackie and his dad is Harold. 3




Ursula and Adolph Fernandez 2




Bobbie Jean (BJ), Lesley, and twins, Aaron and Angel 2

John, Polly, Caroline and Angela 2

none 2

Gerald and Tim 3

Brother, Harold 2


4 cats, 3 dogs, and some fish 1

Terrier „Boo Boo“ & Cat „Pinky 4

A pekinese dog called Oscar and a cat called Christopher. 10


He has a dog Toby 3

A dashhound called Toby Wan Kanobi 6

A black cat named Quincy 3

A cat named Missy 1

Tyke the dog, and what a cutie he is, we know he got his looks from Brian. 4


„I am Blackfoot Indian and I might have a bit of Spanish blood in me.“ 2

Irish/Puerto Rican 2

Spanish/Scottish 2



Current Residence

Tampa Bay, Florida 2

Orlando, Florida 2

Kissimmee, Florida 2

Orlando, Florida 3

Orlando, Florida 2


150 pounds 2

135 pounds 2

130 pounds 2

80 kg 10

135 pounds 2


6‘1 and still growing 2

5‘6 2

5‘9 2

6‘2 1

5‘7 2

Shoe Size

11 2, he has the biggest feet of all the BSB 8






Blonde 1

Brown 2

Brown 2

Black 1 Dark Brown 5

Dirty Blonde 2


Blue 1

Brown 2

Brown 2

Green 1

Bright Blue 2


Adams Junior High, before he started home schooling 2

Howie went to college with Chris from N‘Sync. 13



Tates Creek High School 2

Musical Instruments

Drums 1

Piano, guitar 5

Piano and Sax 2

Piano or the keyboard 3

Trumpet and guitar 5

First Ambition

To be a singer 2

To be worldwide known entertainer 5

To be an entertainer or policeman 5

To be a singer and to be a pilot 5

To become involved with sports or to be a singer 2

BSB Group Position

Lead Vocals 2




Befor BSB




Singing in church choirs and Barber shop groups. 8

Before he became a BSB, Brian recieved a singing scholarship to the University of Cincinnati Bible College. 1 Brian spent his growing up years singing at his local church and was fequently invited to sing at other regional churches, revivals and weddings. 13

Joining the Group

Nick was only 14 when he started the group! 6




Kevin called him to ask him about joining the BSB during his last period history class in school 14

First Album He Bought

A Journey album 2

Michael Jackson‘s „Triller“ 2




Early Job

The lead in his 4th grade production of Phantom of the Opera. Nick also appeared in commercials for the Florida Stats Lottery and the Money Store and was featured vocalist for the Tampa Bay Buccaneer‘s pre-game show for two years. 1

Howie had roles in Parenthood and Cop and a half ( I watched that movie 20 times... and I didn‘t see any Howie in it!!!).

He also appeared in a commercial for Disney World! 6

Played Dopey in the school production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 6

Kevin once worked at Disney World as Aladdin and a Ninja Turtle. 8

Worked in a fast food restaurant, „Long John Silver“ 10


Living Free 1

„The Firm“ by John Grisham 2

Witches 3

Interview with the vampire 3

„Star Wars“ 10


Alternative 2 „anything I feel like listeningto!“ 8

Soul, R&B 2


classic and soul music 3



Steve Perry 2

Jon Secada, Al B. Sure, Phillip Bailey 2

Babyface 2,

Boys II Men, Silk and the Blues 3

D‘Angelo, The Artist Formerly known as Prince, Elton John, Billy Joel 5

Babyface and Luther Vandross 2


Steve Perry, Journey, Boys II Men, Michael Jackson and Nirvana. 10

Jon Secada 10


His uncle that played in a group called „Richie & The Rockets“ 10

Elton John, Prince, Billy Joel, the Eagles, Brian 3

Boys II Men, Luther Vandross, Brian McKnight and MC Hammer. 10

Musical Groups

Boyz II Men, Nirvana, Journey, Wu Tang Clan 1

Boyz II Men 5

Blackstreet and Boyz II Men 2

The Eagles 5

Boyz II Menn and Jocedi 2

New Edition, Bobby Brown, Luther Vandross 1


Jodeci, Notorious B-I-G, Journey Greatest Hits 1






The Cure‘s „I Will Always Love You“ 2

The Righteous Brothes, „Unchained Memory“ 2

All-4-One‘s „I Swear“ 2

New Edition‘s „Hit Me Off“ 5

„Too many to name...“ says Brian 2

BSB Song

Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) 2

All I have to give 10

That‘s the way I like it 10

Darlin 10

„Don‘t Leave Me“ 14

„That‘s what she said“ 10


Bravheart, and all of the Aliens movies 2

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 2

The Outsiders 5

Pulp Fiction 3

„I love Jackie Chan movies - I‘ve seen all of them!“ 2

Shawsank Redemption , Forrest Gump & Top Gun. 10

Star Wars and almost all of the Jim Carrey films 2 Trainspotting 14

„Lion King“ & „Ace Ventura“ 10


Jeff Goldbulm and Bruce Willis 2

Tom Hanks 2

Samuel L. Jackson and Dustin Hoffman 2

Tom Hanks, John Travolta, Tom Cruise 5


Robert-De-Niro.jpg 5

Tom Hanks and Jim Carrey 2

He likes Mr. Bean and Jim Carrey because they make him laugh. 8


Christina Ricci and Sigouney Weaver 2 Hellen Hunt 8

Demi Moore 2

Geena Davis, Jodie Foster 10

Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer 5

Demi Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, and

Sandra Bullock 2


Cindy Crawford 2





TV Shows

Beavis and Butt-head, Mad About You 1

Simpsons 3

Frech Prince of Bel-Air, and Married ... with Children 2

Seinfeld and Boy Meets World 2

Martin & Roseanne 3


Friends and Fresh Price of Bel-Air 2


Extra-cheese pizza 2

Oriental 2

He could eat McDonald‘s food every day! 10 McDonald‘s Quarter pounders 3

His mom‘s chile 1

Mexican, chinese and mama‘s cooking 10

Macaroni and Cheese; and pizza 2

Pizza topping

Cheese 1





Chewing gum

Big League Chew - „it‘s the purple kind“ 2






Frosted Flakes, or toast with peanut butter 2

Pancakes with maple syrup 5

Eggs, bacon and toast 1

Waffles or pancakes with maple syrup 5

Frosted Flakes, Toast with Strawberry jam and orange juice 2


NImage_1600_374x374_00374174400200.png 2


Hershey‘s Cookies, Cream chocolate bar and Tostidos 5

Peanut butter and jam on Ritz. 5



Twix and Butterfinger 8


Jellybeans (espically the yellow ones) 2



Ice Cream

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and

Mint Chocolate Chip 2

Oreo Cookies and Cream 2

Mint Chocolate Chip; and Vanilla with caramel sauce 2

Ben&Jerry‘s Peanut Butter and Chocolate 5

Plain Vanilla with chocolate chips 2


Coca-Cola, Orange Gatorade, bottled water 2

Sprite and Iced Tea 2

Mountain Dew and Iced Tea, 2 Orange Juice 8


Gingerale and Iced Tea 2


Green 1

Purple 2

Yellow 3, purple 4

Royal Blue 5

Mignight Blue 2


Camaro and Corvette Stringray 2

Corvette 2

Lexus 8, SLK Mercedes 5

BMW 850 5

Mercedes Benz 2


Nike 1

Tommy Hilfiger 2

Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klien, and Donna Karen New York 2


Tommy Hilfiger 2


Nick wears Calvin Klein underwear. 13






Gravity 2

CK One 2

CK One 2

XS by Paco Rabann 5

Photo de Langefeld and Safari 2


Speed Stick 2


Gillette 2



School Subjects

Science, History, English and Gym 2

Math 2

English and History 2

History, geometry 5

Math 2

Least fav school subject

Math 3

English 5

Math 5

Algebra 5



Water sports like scuba diving 2

Water-skiing, knee skiing, racquetball 5

Billards, Basketball, and Volleyball 2

A.J. played basketball with Justin from N‘Sync in High School. 13

Football, surfing, rugby, horseback riding, swimming 5

Basketball, Golf and Swimming 2

He‘s left handed when it comes to sports 8

Sport Teams

Tampa Bay Buccaneers for football, Florida Marlins for baseball 2

Montreal Expos 2




Video Games

Super Mario, Alien Triology, and Mortal Kombat Triology 2


Mortal Kombat 2




Comic books and football cards 8

Nick collects Dark Horse comics 1

Howie buys postcards in every new country he visits.8

Hats and Sunglasses 2



Sports Shoes 10


Playing basketball, football, Nintendo, drawing, scuba diving, going out on his boat, and playing his drums. 1

Video games, drawing and fishing 2

Sing, dance, go to clubs and cinema, and working out 10

Weight lifting, water skiing, dancing, movies and raquetball 3

Drawing, cartoons, puppeteering ;2 BasketBall, billiards,movies,shopping, club hopping .3 A.J. is also a skilled Puppeteer. 6

Play piano, write songs, dance, shoot hoops and work out. 10

Watching films, weightlifting 5

Weightlifting 2, He loves to sleep, play basketball and go to the movies. 10

Basketball, weight lifting, water skiing, listening to music, and swimming 1


Halloween 2






„It‘s all good!“ 2

„Cheers!“ 2

„It‘s gonna be funky!“ 2

„What‘s up?“ 5


Dream Girl

„Everyone wants a girl with a perfect personality. It doesn‘t matter how they look.“ 2

„A girl who has a good heart on her shoulder and knows what she wants in life.“ 2

supportive, upbeat and ambitious 3

AJ doesn‘t think that looks are important. As long as she‘s confident, smart and spontaneous. 7

A woman who‘s honest, has a good sense of humor, and has a nice smile. 1


„A girl who is herself.“ 2 He‘s attracted to a girl‘s eyes. „Eyes are very appealing to me“ he says. „I also like somebody who is interested in a career for themselves and can treat me like a normal person“ 1

How a Girl Should Look

„It doesn‘t really matter how a girllooks, because if you find someone who likes you for the way you are, that‘s perfect.“ „I‘ve seen too many girls who have so much makeup on that you can‘t see their real faces. I don‘t believe girls h ave to put makeup on to show off their beauty. I‘ve seen plenty of girls who don‘t need makeup.“ 1

„She has to be a good communicator,“

Howie says. „For me, communication is a big thing in a relationship. Without it, there is no relationship. You have to be able to talk.“ Howie also says, „I want someone with her own career goals, who knows what she wants in life and is serious about

getting it.“ 1

Nice eyes, sweet understanding, supportive and true to herself 15

„Women should wear whatever makes them happy,“ he says. „Whatever makes them comfortable. If they‘re too overdressed and wear too much makeup then they‘re trying too hard, but if they go out and wear what they like, that‘s okay.“ 1

Someone who dresses sexy, or sensuously, he can talk to.Intelligent with a nice smile. 9

Blonde-hair, blue eyes (both are me!!!), nice legs, long finger nails, great personality, open, trust-worthy, giving, and just willing to have fun. 14

Secret Crushes

Christina-Ricci-HD-Wallpapers-3.png 1

Selma Hyiak, Cindy Crawford, and Brooke Shields

Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler 2


Pamela Lee and Sandra Bullock 10

His Ideal Girl

„She doesn‘t have to be someone who has everything- every characteristic you‘ve ever dreamed of a girl having. But if she fits the character that fits you, and you like her a lot, well, then that‘s what I‘m looking for,“ Nick says. „Just as long as she has a great personality and a good heart, and she‘s really nice, I‘ll be satisfied.“ 1 Nick prefers girls with long, dark hair but it doesn‘t really matter. He likes a girl who‘s older and smaller than him. The most important thing is that she is honest and loyal. 7 Nick hates girls who smoke, drink and have bad breath. 13

„My idea of a perfect girl is someone who likes to have fun and enjoys life. I‘m a very free and loving guy, and I try to have fun and not take things too seriously.“ 1



He wants a girl that can treat him normally and doesn‘t live her life purely around him. 8

Dream Woman

Signourey Weaver 10

Cindy Crawford & Julia Roberts 10

f-Gwen-Stefani-9x6.jpg 10

Ellen MacPherson & Demi Moore. 10

Sandra Bullock & Pamela Lee 10

He loves Pamela Anderson(eeewwww!!) 8

Dream Date

Scuba diving in the Florida Keys 2

Dinner, dancing, then going to the movies, and finishing with a romantic walk on the beach! 2

„Anywhere the lady would like, doing anything the lady would like.“ 13

Good food, good conversation, good atmosphere, movies and/or dancing 11

„Getting to reall know someone.“ 2

First Kiss

Ha had 8 years and gave it to Bryn in a theatre play. 10


He doesn‘t remember. 10 Howie got his first kiss in the 6th grade. „I was at a party and got kissed by two of the prettiest girls there,“ Howie says. 1

With his neighbour, Jennifer when he had 4 years. 10

He was 10 and the chosen one was Geena Davidson. 10

With a beautiful blonde when he was 3!! 10


First Love

He hasn‘t been in love yet 10





Major Turnoff


Selfish, Racism and Prejudice people 2

Two-faced people 2

Racism and arrogant people 5

Racism 2


„I can be shy around girls. The other guys have far more experience.“ 1



He can be shy around girls 8





AJ dated a girl name Christie at 13 who died in a car accident. 13

Kevin was engaged to a girl named Beck at 19, but broke up the engagement because they felt that they were too young. 13

Brian broke up with his last girlfriend,

Samantha,two years ago because of the Backstreet Boys now he is dating an

actress name Leighanne Wallace <3 8

He wrote „That‘s What She Said“ during a ONE day break-up with Samantha. 8

Brian once put a dozen roses in his girlfriend‘s locker in high school (how sweet!) 14

Known As

The group‘s practical joker! 5

The group‘s peacemaker 5

The group‘s flirt! 5 „The first time I met him (A.J.) at a talent competition he was just a little pipsqueak, a little geek.“ (Of course Howie Laughs). 6

The groups perfectionist; 5 „He‘s the big brother.“ 8 Serious, mysterious and a perfectionist. And that gets on people‘s nerves sometimes! He is also very confident, mature, professional, and really kind to his fans. 9

The group‘s funny man; 5 The Backstreet Boys voted Brian to be the least likey to cheat on a girlfriend. 8 He was also voted the Backstreet most likey to Boy get married first. „Either him or Kevin,“ says Nick. 8


„I don‘t believe in being mean to anyone. I‘m a peaceful person.“ 1

he thinks his ears are too big 8

„I‘m an honest, sincere person who cares a lot about other people and their feelings.“ 5

„Crazy, cool, fun, big-hearted, outgoing.“ 5

„Honest, sincere, dedicated, I‘m a shy guy,

sometimes I think too much about what I‘m going to say to somebody or what they are going to think.“ 5

Crazy, funny - what else can I say?“ 5


He doesn‘t cry and he keeps his feelings to himself a lot. 1



„The fellas probably think I‘m the hardest or the roughest or the meanest, but I‘ll cry at the drop of a hat sometimes.“ 6


He has

Driver‘s License 10


3 tattos 10

A passion for silver rings 10

A tattoo in his left arm. 10 He has three scars. One where he got is appendix taken out, which he only shows his really good friends! The other one is on his forehead where he head-bunted a table and now he has a „manly: scaron his chest from his heart operation. 8

He is

In Love with the sea and playing Nintendo 10

Sincere, sensible and honest 10


Romantic and unique! 10

Responsable and a perfectionist 10

A simple and direct guy and very sensible 10

He is a real old-fashioned guy. 8

He likes





when girls wear his clothes; 8 to be kissed on this neck; 8 He loves to sleep. 8

He‘s Most Likely To

Draw your picture. Nick‘s rarely seen without a pencil in his hand. 1

Invite you for a moonlight walk along the beach---- Howie‘s a total romantic! 6

Dare you to buy that crazy dress. A.J.‘s sense of style is outrageous! 6

Urge you to chase your dreams! He believes that if you can dream it you can be it. 6

Keep your secrets! Brian believes in trust between friends. 1


Continue with the BSB and try the movies 10

„I think everyone has a dream that they want to fulfill in life and I think this is our dream. We wanted to make it happen and that‘s what we did. And we enjoy every minute of it, and we take ever day like it‘s our last.“ 1


To be sucessful 10

Continue with the BSB and constitue a family. 10

Get his own apartment, find his future wife and continue with the BSB for much more time. 10

Worst Fear

flying3, the dark8 ,creepy bugs and snakes.13




High places 2


He likes being the youngest in the group because he seems to get all the attention which he didn‘t get at home because he‘s the oldest. The others used to tease him until he got bigger. 1


AJ was a child model at the age of 6. 13

By the time he was 12, he had appeared in 27 classic plays. 15


He wanted to be a fighter pilot, wanted to play highschool football, wanted to get into acting and/or singing - thank the Lord that he chose the path he did. 11 Kevin sang into a hairbrush in front of his bedroom mirror when he was a kid. 13 He spent his first nine years on a 10-acre farm 15

As a kid, he was taught to be a family man. 8

When he was five, he almost died of a hole in his heart. 8 He used to want to be a

teacher or a pro-basketball player. 14

„I was very close to leaving home and pursuing college. I was hoping to maybe play basketball too,“ Brian says. 1

As child

nick_bebe1.JPG 10

howie_bebe.JPG 10

aj_bebe.JPG 10

kev_bebe.JPG 10

brian_puto1.JPG 10

One Wish



„To be in this business my whole life and live happily ever after.“ 5

„To see my father again - he died in 1991.“ 5


(Most) Embarrasing Moment

When the other guys threw him out of the dressing rooms in fron of a bunch of girls in his underwear!! 2






„I want to be crazy forever, even when I‘m 80!!“ 1





Secret Confession


He sleeps in his underwear! 2

AJ can‘t keep secrets - and he loves to make phone calls! 2

„I wish I had A.J.‘s voice - he has raspy,

soul-funk.“ 5

„I bite my fingernails - I‘ve tried to stop but I can‘t. It bothers me because when I‘m signing autographs, the girls are like:‚You bite your nails!‘“ 2

Secret Disguise


A baseball cap 2




(Secret) Habit

Sometimes he bites his nails. 8

He snores!! 2

Howie irons his pajamas every night. 13

AJ smokes... He better stop before his voice dies on him. 7

Kevin bites his tongue when he‘s thinking or bored; 8 Sleeping Late 8

„I bite my fingernails“. 2

He prays everyday 8

Secret Desire


To have his hair to grow past his shoulders 2





Nick‘s mother wouldn‘t let Nick take off his shirt until he turned 18, well good news girls, he‘s now 18!!! 1 “I really learned to respect people when my parents were running a senior citizen‘s residence years ago.“




Brian‘s Dad taught him how to play golf. 14


He‘s the youngest out of the group and apperently his best friend is Brian even though they‘re five years apart 1




Brian and Nick are best friends and they nicknamed eachother Frick and Frack. 1

Brian helped Nick write a song for Aaron Carter called,“Ain‘t That Cute.“ 13

Unique Talent


Howie is a professionally trained dancer. 13

He‘s a vertriloquist. 12 AJ is a skilled puppeteer. 13 He loves to write poetry and read Shakespear. 5

Kevin is a qualified ballroom dancer

instructor. 13



Nick is a prankster, one time he gave the manager a piece of gum that tasted like fish. 1 One time, the boys threw Nick out of the locker room in his underwear infront of a whole bunch of screaming as revenger for all the pranks he pulled on them 1





Always Brings On Tour

He takes his playstation with him when he‘s on tour. 1

„My book bag, which has my whole house

in it! CD Player, CDs, cassette player,

Spanish books, sunglasses - I have just

about every- thing and anything!“ 5



BasketballStockImage.jpg 14

Worst Part of Touring

„I hate flying!“ 2





On tour

His sister, Bobbie, goes on tour with him. 8

He carries pics of his family and friends with him on tour .8 Because Nick is so young, during tours he has to be accompanied by a member of his family over 21. 13

Howie misses sleeping in his own bed and his mom‘s cooking when he‘s on tour with the group. 1 Howie takes a huge bag with him on the road with a CD player, CDs, a tape recorder and a cassette player. 13


Kevin takes pictures of family and friends on tour with him. 1

Howie misses sleeping in his own bed and his mom‘s cooking when he‘s on tour with the group. 1

When on tour, Brian and Nick always steal all the chips and chocolate bars. 8



Befor tour





Right before the BSB go on tour, He spends 24 hours doing nothing but watching TV. 14

Food on tour

On tour Nick and Brian eat Frosted Flakes and two pieces of toast, the first one with peanut butter, the second one with strawberry jam-all with orange juice. 13

On tour Howie and Kevin like pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast. 13

AJ has the tradional eggs and bacon breakfast. 13

On tour Howie and Kevin like pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast. 13

On tour Nick and Brian eat Frosted Flakes and two pieces of toast, the first one with peanut butter, the second one with strawberry jam-all with orange juice. 13

On stage

Nick knocked Howie off the stage at a concert with his flailing arms! 6


got hit with a rock in the face during a performance in Germany 15


During one of the performances, Brian forgot the words to one of the songs and the other guys ended up laughing at him. 8

Acting experience

Nick had a small role in the movie, „Edward Scissorhands“ 2

The Florida State Lottery, Sears, and the Money Store 2

Howie had roles in the movies „Parenthood“ and „Cop and a Half“ 8


Played Dopey in „Snow White and Seven Dwarfs“ in grade school. 15




Nick had to cut his hair once because a fan pulled a big chunk of it out of his head! 8

When the BSB first took off in Europe, some of the fans got hold of the guys‘ home phone numbers. Howie‘s dad forgot to switch over to an unlisted one and they called Howie‘s mom and dad‘s house at 4:00 in the morning .1 Howie loved Gummi Bears until a fan sent him so much he got sick of them! 8 That, once again stopped to sign autographs and got a scar on his hand from a screaming and way to excited fan!!! 6

„Once, when we couldn‘t sign autographs because there were to many fans, he (Howie) was way too nice and stopped, and got trampled by them. He fell down like a turtle on it‘s back, his feet were kicking up.“ quote from AJ. 6




Nick doesn‘t wear any ear-rings, but sports a gold chain. 9


Silver bracelets, ear-rings on left ear, silver chains 9


Big hooped silver ear-rings on both ears, rings on almost all fingers, lots of chains (neck and wrist!), and sunglasses.In a press conference in Malaysia.A.J. said he‘d give anyone US$100 if they caught him without his sunglasses!! 9


An assortment of silver rings on both hands (he tends to shift them around).Silver bracelets and two black leather bravelets on his right hand. 9


In the music videos, we see Brian with ear-studs on both ears. But when he went to Singapore recently, no ear-rings were spotted on him.But, in a recent UK magazine, the ear-rings are back again!A silver chain with a big cross in the „Get Down“ video. 9

He wears diamond shaped earrings in both ears 8

Innie or Outtie Bellbutton

Innie 2





Fashion Items

a gold chain 3

Howie considers himself to be a dressier, stylish kind of person. „I like to wear clubwear when I go out dancing and stuff. Sometimes, I wear tight retro shirts and jeans.1



Sneakers 1

two earrings, B-rok necklace with pedant 3


his hair is dyed‘s really a little darker 8


AJ has brown hair, but once turned it blonde because of a chemistry experiment with Nick 2

AJ as done the weirdest things with his hair. He‘s bleached it, grown it, twisted it, made an afro out of it and got extentions which totally didn‘t suit him. Now he‘s back to normal! 7



Most Prized Possesion (in His Room)

His Michael Jordan pictures 2


„My class ring“ 5



What He Wears to Bed

T-shirt and Boxers 2






Nick is a great cartoonist, he‘s planning on drawing a comic book of the Backstreet Boys where they all have superr powers and save the world through music, what a cool idea!! 1






Nick is a licensed scuba diver. 4


still doesn‘t have his driver‘s license 15

Kevin has a Pilot‘s licence! 5




Howie speaks Spanish fluently. 13












He does stomach crunches every night, that‘s why his abs are so awesome.13









Brian sleeps on a waterbed that he bought at a yard sale for $50 15


„The Ocean does something to me that is unexplainable. Just being out there and realizing I‘m Alive.“ 6












„The Backstreet Boys will be around as long as you love us“ 1

„Go for your dreams!!“ 1



„The first time I met him (A.J.) at a talent competition he was just a little pipsqueak, a little geek.“ (Of couarse Howie Laughs).6

„I need love!!“1

„A lot of people can try to get in your ears, but you have to follow your heart.“ 1



„I love these guys....oh gosh!!“ 1

„Don‘t forget about the Backstreet Boys.“1

„We will be dancing on stage and hear a ‚ching‘ and get hit with a silver ring. You get hit with teddy bears, and sunglasses. I‘ve crushed a couple pairs on stage.“ 1

„Eyes are very appealing to me, I also like somebody who is interested in a career for themselves and can treat me like a normal person.“


A red truck that he made himself 1

Mercedes 6

A Corvette and a truck

Mazda 626

1998 yellow SLK Mercedes and he has a BMW too! 2

Honda Accord 3

Jeep 2

What I Splurge On

Shopping for sneaks and gold jewelry 4










He has a little niece but she is scared of him because she saw their movie, „Everybody“ (Backstreets Back) when Brian was a werewolf 8






He goes to the Porter Memorial Baptist Church 8

He prays everyday 8


nick_ass_preto.JPG 10

howie_ass_preto.JPG 10

aj_ass_black.JPG 10

kev_ass_preto.JPG 10

brian_ass_preto.JPG 10



howie_passport.JPG 10

aj_passport.JPG 10

kev_passport.JPG 10

brian_passport.JPG 10

List of sources: